Everyone is welcome at Camp Weredale!

Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp that welcomes young people from all walks of life — regardless of their background, financial situation, or specific needs. We believe in doing everything we can to help children succeed during their stay, so that all of our campers leave with new skills, new friendships, and a new sense of self.

Make Friends For Life

Make new forever friends and become part of the Weredale family! Our campers return year after year, many eventually become counselors and staff — and even send their own children and grandchildren years later.

Camp Programs

Our summer program is both highly structured and varied, taking advantage of the surrounding forest, extensive waterfront, and our rustic facilities. Every day, campers participate in three activities, one special interest program, our morning and evening programs, and swimming.

Each year Camp Weredale welcomes over 300 campers. We offer a wide variety of activities and programs designed to suit individual camper interests and needs.

Along with our regular activities campers enjoy special events such as carnival day, water regattas, all holidays, color wars, and inter galactic day. Campers also participate in theme activities like backwards day, staff vs camper competition, variety shows, crazy hats lunch and much more.

Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp

Regular Activities

  • Nature lessons and hiking, fishing
  • Overnight camping, campfire cooking
  • Arts and crafts, drama, talent shows
  • Canoeing, kayaking, tubing, swimming
  • Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Ball Hockey
Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp

Special Interest Programs (SIPS)

  • Each day, one period is devoted to a Special Interest Program (S.I.P) where campers can choose from a number of activities in addition to the regular program.
  • Yoga, dance, fitness training, snorkeling, fishing, and creative writing are some examples of electives.
Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp

Cabin Choice

  • After supper Cabin Choice allows campers, as a group, to revisit favourite activities (ex. art, kayaking, nature) before heading off to the evening's program.
Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp

Morning and Evening Programs

  • Our morning and evening programs usually involve the entire camp in group activities such as capture the flag, scavenger hunts, and group challenges (e.g. Amazing race, Prison break, Jeopardy, Survivor).
  • Every day ends with a camp fire and sing along by the waterfront.
Camp Weredale is an inclusive, non-profit camp

Theme Days and Special Events

Theme days and special events vary from session to session, and have included:

  • Pirate day
  • Crazy Olympics
  • Carnival
  • All holidays
  • Water regatta
  • Intergalactic day

R.E.A.L. Team (Responsibility, Experience, Awareness, Leadership)

Employment opportunity for campers 16 and 17 years old. These campers attend all four sessions and will work on the themes listed above through part-time work in the kitchen as well as support and participation in camp activities. There are approximately eight spots available.

Sequoia Program

The Sequoia Program is a nature-based program for older campers. An increasingly challenging series of wilderness activities and tasks allow campers to earn levels while increasing their own skills and confidence.

Help send a child to camp

Camp Weredale is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun outdoor experience for campers aged 6 - 17 years, the majority of who face social, economic or personal challenges requiring supportive services. We offer an experience in which they can learn new skills, build on their strengths and develop positive relationships.

We offer 4 sessions per year; we have room for 85 campers per session.
We offer subsidized prices to ensure that no child is left out due to financial challenges.

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