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Memories of Camp Weredale

A Look Back:, while we continue to evolve, much remains…

"Camp Weredale" was the highlight for boys living in the 'home". Many Old Boys have fond memories of their stays at the camp, be they for one season or in some cases ten. Their anticipation and excitement of the summer ahead started weeks before - who would be the ‘’hut leaders, CITs, Orderlies or Kitchen Boys’, who would be in what hut? Might this be the year I make it into "Sequoia"? Did I pack enough "Tang" in my Tackle box to last the summer?
Boys were always excited when the school buses were at the front door of 6 Weredale Park for the trip to camp. Pity the poor bus drivers having to endure the on-going choruses of ‘’There ain’t no flies on us’’ and ‘’ Ging Gang Goolie” on the ride all the way to Lake L’Achigan for a summer full of swimming, boating, sailing, canoeing, arts and crafts, water skiing and hiking to fields to pick berries.

The older boys made up most of the staff that dealt with the day to day running of the camp but the campers themselves also had to contribute. After breakfast, one boy from each hut would be appointed to ‘’Camp Duty’’ including bailing out the rowboats or picking up any litter along the waterfront and trails. The others would all return to their huts for clean up before ‘’Inspection’’. The weekly winners would be treated to ice cream.

After chores, it was time for morning instruction. Swimming was a compulsory course as so many activities were water based. Boating, canoeing, sailing required the ability to swim - campers had to be able to swim to the raft and back for boating, to the raft and back three times for canoeing and sailing. Upon successfully completing these courses you were entitled to take out one of these boats. Other courses include archery, shooting, athletics, plaster craft, woodworking, photography and more. This was followed by morning swim, lunch, rest period and afternoon activities, which included free waterfront, regattas, hikes, carnivals, and sports including softball and soccer.

There were visits from the Rotary club for Field Days and on a few occasions the ‘’Rhodes Scholars ‘’ followed by afternoon swim and supper. Campers had some free time post supper, then evening program which included skits, Bingo, movies, TV in the Rec Hall, campfire at the play field or on the big rock, Indian Council, where recipients would be chosen and tested to become part of that Honour Society.

What has never changed over the years is the joy and comfort derived from spending time in the outdoors. At Camp Weredale, campers today continue to appreciate the beauty of nature, fresh country air, watching storms approaching across the lake, the pines swinging in the wind and magnificent sunsets. Most importantly, the friendships they form have and will continue to last over their lifetimes. Days end with the singing of the "Good Night Song"

"The sun is in the west across the bay, another perfect day has passed away, the birds have gone to rest, while moon beams play, another perfect day has passed away, I’ll sing my song of love as the day is through. Each little star above says "Good Night" to you, and through the years to stray, each night I’ll say, another perfect day has passed away."

Written with contributions from Old Boys -
Richard Claveau (camper from 1964-1967) and Andreas Koutsoufis (camper from 1962-1968)


Camp Weredale is an inclusive, close-knit community where campers form lasting friendships, return regularly, and stay in touch with each other throughout their lives.

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