Since 1934, Camp Weredale has offered a sleepaway camp program to vulnerable youth. We are very proud that, 88 years later, the camp continues to provide exciting growth opportunities and enjoyable outdoor activities for youth aged 6 - 17. Most of our campers receive supportive social services and/or are facing family challenges. Camp Weredale provides a secure environment in a glorious setting close to nature where campers can learn new skills, build lasting friendships and gain a positive outlook on life.

Camp Weredale in History


Camp Weredale is a community based non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun outdoor experience for campers aged 6 - 17 years, the majority of whom face social, economic or personal challenges requiring supportive services. We offer an experience in which they can learn new skills, build on their strengths, and develop positive relationships.


Since 1934 Camp Weredale has offered a sleep away camp for vulnerable underprivileged youth. Our vision is to continue this tradition for generations to come by providing an affordable, safe, supportive environment in which campers of all backgrounds, orientations and circumstances feel welcomed; a place where they can experience nature, escape ongoing life challenges and focus on their happiness and wellbeing. We aim to have a positive impact on the lives of our campers and foster a lasting bond with the Camp Weredale community.

Weredale Foundation

The Weredale Foundation has owned and operated Camp Weredale since 1934 when it first opened as ‘a summer home away from home’ for the boys of Weredale House.

Despite evolving challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and current trends, the camp continues today to offer exciting learning opportunities for youth ages 6 - 17 years. Most of our campers have received social service support in some form.

Foundation Directors are engaged in a Strategic Planning process, expected to be completed within the next four months, with three main areas of focus: program activities and campership; financial stability and growth; organizational structures, practices and staffing.

Recent expanded fund-raising efforts have resulted in attracting new donors and an excess of revenue over expenses for the past two years.

The Weredale Foundation and Camp Weredale are grateful to all new donors and for the long-term recurrent financial support they receive from the Batshaw Foundation, the George Hogg Family Foundation and the Hylcan Foundation throughout the years.

Board of Directors

President: Duncan E. Campbell

  • Susan Barwick
  • Constance Everson
  • Howard G. Martin
  • Anne Pertus
  • Andrew Carter
  • James Heward
  • Judy Martin
  • Elizabeth Pusztai
  • Leigh Johnston
  • Bill Molson
  • Kate Shingler
  • Timothy Wilson

Past Presidents:

  • A. D. Webster (1981 to 1983)
  • John Wilson (1983 to 1988)
  • Paul Marchand (1988 to 2004)
  • Judy Martin (2004 to 2011)


Camp Weredale is an inclusive, close-knit community where campers form lasting friendships, return regularly, and stay in touch with each other throughout their lives.

In 2019, the Weredale "Old Boys" celebrated the camp's 85th anniversary with a reunion! Want to stay in touch?

Look us up on the Camp Weredale Facebook page.

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