What is the W.E.T. Project?

W.E.T. is a three-week employability training program at Camp Weredale, located in the picturesque Laurentian Mountains. This program will train you to work in a kitchen, familiarize you with hand tools in a workshop setting, and prepare you for the job market. You'll even pick up valuable life skills along the way.

Who Can Apply?

This program is for young adults aged 18 - 25 who have aged out of residential or foster care, received social services or are experiencing challenges.

Upon completing the program earn 1000$

  • Program is free of charge, room, board and transportation included Monday to Friday
  • Come up for the week, go home for the weekend
  • Nature retreat! 300 acres of natural beauty at Camp Weredale

The W.E.T Project


Earn $1,000 & gain valuable new skills

The maintenance workshops introduce the basics of using hand and power tools, woodworking, plumbing and more. It provides participants with instruction and hands on experience completing work projects, allowing them to become more confident and capable of entry level tasks.

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Life Skills

This part of the training covers employability skills such as writing a resume, conducting a job search as well as money management and discovering resources in your area. Participants will develop the skills and confidence they need to acitvely search for employment and ultimately enter the workforce.

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Kitchen training

The kitchen training explores the basics of cooking, food hygiene and proper nutrition to equip individuals to work in a kitchen. Participants will be instructed on and exercise kitchen staff responsibilities while becoming familiar with MAPAQ food preparation, handling and hygiene protocol.

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You will be given a room to yourself in a cabin with heating, a bathroom and a television. WIFI is available on camp grounds and you will eat 3 delicious meals together every day.

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No worries!
We will arrange transportation.
You will be transported by bus from Montreal to Camp Weredale and back.

No! The program runs Monday to Friday. You will be transported from Montreal Sunday night and return Friday night at the end of every week.

Yes! We offer free WIFI. Please note however, we are not responsible if your electronics get lost or stolen.

No! You will be given a room to yourself in a cabin with heating, a bathroom and a television etc.

The 3-week training program is a paid training program, meaning you will be paid in relation to the duration of the program you complete.

Join the W.E.T. Project Staff

Camp Weredale is proud to offer our community many employment opportunities. Whether you are looking for a fun summer job or seeking to expand your experience in the field of social services, psychology, or child education, Camp Weredale is a wonderful place to connect with peers, learn new skills, and make lasting memories.

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